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Wholesale plus size clothing supplier in UK

People like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, who have a lot of power, are helping to break down stereotypes about “plus-size” shopping. The UK plus-size market was worth £17.4 billion in 2013 and £21.5 billion in 2015.

Many women like their bodies the way they are and want to wear clothes that look good and fit well. This is especially true for plus-size teen girls. Most British women wear a size 14. Sizes 14–34 are in the plus-size range.

Men can also benefit from the fact that there is a market for plus-size clothing. Men spend more money on clothes now than they ever have before.

In addition, there are more plus-size men than there are plus-size women. To sell clothes online, you should focus on plus size wholesale clothing to men.

Fashion Book

In 2014, a company called Fashion Book started selling women’s clothes. This is one of the few plus size wholesale clothing that can be bought in the UK right now. We design, make and sell everything from dresses to knitwear.

The idea for a “fashion book” came from the need for high-quality clothes for a specific group of women. Because of this, we can now sell British-made clothes for women to more than 200 clients in many different countries.

Because our, plus size clothing wholesale, production process is so smooth, we can post new styles weekly on our website and always keep up with what’s hot on the high street.

Fashion Book has a 12,500-square-foot production space where we can make your ideas come to life as a separate service. Pink Vanilla, Missy Empire, Lily limited, Luxury to Kill, and in the Style are all working with us right now.

From when we start to think about what materials to use to when we pack the clothes to send to our customers, we only have one thing in mind: giving them the best clothes we can.

FC Wholesale

FC Wholesale is a plus size clothing wholesale that sells clothes for men and women. They know how to help customers who need clothes that are bigger than usual.

The company makes and sells plus-size clothes. It also buys gently used items from high-end boutiques, department stores, and designer brands and resells them. FC Wholesale doesn’t have the things you need to buy something. In the United Kingdom, shipping is free if you spend more than £150.00.

Stylewise Manchester Limited

As soon as a new plus-size fashion trend hits the runway, they want to be the first to get it to stores and warehouses at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality. Stylewise’s primary goal as a business is to ensure all its customers are happy.

In the UK, they are one of the most well-known places to buy clothes for women and girls. Stylewise is a discount shop that opened in 2000 and has its headquarters in Manchester. It has done well by giving both new and returning customers discounts that have never been seen before.

Their main goal is to ensure that their clients take advantage of growth opportunities. They do this by consistently offering the best price cuts. Because of this, they stand out from the others.

Foxy Girl Ltd

Foxy Girl Ltd. is a company that makes and sells things. Their goal is to sell stylish clothes for women that are of good quality and don’t cost too much. Because they have been in the fashion business for a long time, they have earned the loyalty of many customers in the UK and all over Europe.


Curvseline is a high-end shapewear wholesale clothing plus size that serves the UK and Ireland from its home on the Isle of Man. In particular, they focus on giving retailers high-quality shapewear brands with a lot of compressions.

They have been selling shapewear for almost six years, and they now sell Esbelt and Ann Chery in the UK.

The Brazilian company Esbelt makes great body-shaping clothes for both men and women. In the 1970s, Antoine Pasos of So Paulo, Brazil, found an orthopaedic wrap made of natural rubber that helped support his back. This gave him the idea for the company. He uses fused latex and 100% cotton to make form-fitting clothes that are useful, look good, and fit well.

LV Clothing

LVClothing is the most well-known wholesale clothing plus size company for Italian women in all of Italy. It is based in the UK and brings you Italy’s latest and most exciting styles. Their custom-built showrooms and offices are in the busy fashion district of Manchester, where they spend every day of the week.

Their products are sold all over the UK and the rest of the world, in shops, garden centres, and shopping malls.

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