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Wholesale plus size clothing supplier 16-26

We at Fashion-book know how important it is for your store to have a wide range of sizes for their customers. We promise you won’t be able to find wholesale clothes plus size like ours anywhere else.

We sell a wide range of seasonal and popular items that people need all year. Our wholesale plus size clothing store has everything you need, whether you only sell plus-size clothes or clothes for everyone.

If the customer’s needs are met, they are more likely to return, and a bigger market can be reached by going after the plus-size market. According to this study, women’s clothing sizes 14-16, considered “plus size,” are now the norm. If all you have to sell are standard-sized items, you’re leaving money on the table.

There Is Now an Acceptable Range of Sizes

Since women’s clothing sizes went from 12-14 to 14-16, the number of “plus-size” women has grown. Even though this is the first of its kind, it marks the beginning of a new era of self-reflection and beauty standards.

To reach the average American shopper, you need sizes 0–20 for women. Today, the average American woman wears a size 16, two sizes bigger than what used to be expected. (The first number was only crucial for clothing sizes. Customers need specific sizes; if you don’t offer them, you could lose business and get bad reviews.

So, women with lots of curves are here to stay (nor should they have to). Women are looking to their favorite brands for stylish, affordable, and valuable alternatives to the maternity sections of shopping malls. It’s about time that stores started carrying great options for plus-size customers.

Our wholesale shop is always on point regarding fashion for plus-size people.

The fashion industry’s headquarters are in sunny Los Angeles, so it’s easy for us to keep up with all the new trends. We have a wide range of wholesale clothes plus size, from trendy new looks to classic basics.

A Match Made in Heaven for You

It can be hard to find trendy plus-size wholesale clothing for your boutique, but not if you use Fashion-book. We only have a few sizes, but we carry sizes Large and up for retailers selling clothes for plus-size people.

You can still look chic no matter what size you are.

At Fashion-book, we want everyone to look good in our clothes. Thanks to our plus size options, we have a wide range of sizes that can fit most body types. This is true for both men and women. Since making your customers feel welcome is also essential to you, we keep a wide range of sizes in our closets. Thanks to our team of talented designers who work hard to make pieces that look good on a wide range of body types, we plan to keep adding to our plus-size selection.

Plus-size clothing for women can be bought in bulk.

Our wholesale plus size clothing selection of women’s plus-size clothing comes in sizes 16–24. Our Women’s Plus line is inspired by the latest runway looks and global streetwear styles to give you a wide range of stylish outerwear sizes 16–26.

Without a minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order size, so you can place an order for any amount you want.

Because we, plus size clothing wholesaler, don’t have a minimum order size, you can buy precisely what you need, whether a few more tops or a whole new collection for your store, without worrying about being stuck with unsalable stock. If you can order as few as one carton of an item, you can ensure you have enough of the season’s most popular items to meet demand.

Make sure you sign up on our site and then contact us at if you want to place a larger contract order or an international order.

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