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Our Wholesale Fashion Blog & News

Our customers can use images of our styles on their websites

Information about clothing images use

If you are selling our styles on your own website, you are welcome to use the product images from our site. Please e-mail us after making an order and we'll be happy to send you high-resolution images of the clothing styles  you'll be selling. 

(But please do not hotlink images directly from our site as we cannot guarantee their URL will stay the same. E-mail us instead for the style images you'd like to use on your site)

New Payment Option - Bank Transfer

In addition to Paypal and credit/debit cards, we have added a bank transfer payment option to the checkout.

This means that you can now complete the checkout by selecting 'Bank Transfer' and we will process your order as soon as we've received your transfer into our bank account.  

We hope that this additional payment option adds to your convenience when ordering from us.