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24 July, 2017


Fashion Book have had the privilege of providing wholesale clothing to numerous fashion boutiques, ecommerce retailers and leading brands who serve a wide range of customers. We pride ourselves on manufacturing home-grown fashion of the highest quality as well as sharing practical business advice for retailers who want to grow both online and offline. With competition fierce as ever online this summer holiday season, learn how your store can use Instagram to boost website traffic and revenues.

     Instagram Marketing

Develop an Instagram strategy

Whether you have recently launched an ecommerce start-up or you already have an online store that is stagnating, having a written Instagram marketing strategy can make a big difference to your brand. The strategy should reference the weekly activities needed to boost your profile and will help your brand maintain a presence amongst all the noise from competitors on Instagram. One practical way to add some structure to a strategy is to create a social media content calendar. Here you can plot out and schedule all the posts for the week or month and include the copy for the post bearing in mind hashtags and images. Content can then be input into a social media management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite where scheduled posts can automatically be sent out at any date or time you see fit. This is a fantastic way to encourage consistency with your posts and saves time effort in the long run. Additional activities to build out a practical Instagram strategy includes having a document with all relevant hashtags saved so it’s easy to copy and paste into posts. You should also make sure to use glossy photography and free design tools like Canva to create professional imagery to reflect your brand. Most importantly of all is spending a few hours a week to engage with followers by commenting on and reposting relevant content; taking the time to nurture customer relationships is much more important than just posting endless promotional posts.

Connect with influencers

Many ecommerce brands are now starting life on Instagram as the social network becomes a breeding ground for new businesses hoping to develop a cult following. Indeed fashion brands like Fashionnova and House of CB have found enormous success on Instagram as a result of collaborating with key influencers who promote and endorse the brands to their network of followers. Instagram is a hotbed for Youtubers, celebrities and fashion bloggers so is the perfect place to find key influencers who align with your brand identity. By using hashtags relevant to your sector, it’s easy to identify influencers and reach out to them to participate in a marketing campaign. Depending on your available budget you could collaborate with a handful of influencers with a few thousand followers between them and invite them to front a marketing campaign where they do a street style shoot of your latest collections for example. They could be incentivised with complimentary outfits from your latest collection or could be given exclusive VIP access to an upcoming photo-shoot or fashion show. You could also reward them with exposure by reposting their content or even hosting an Instagram takeover where an influencer takes over your profile for a day to celebrate a new product line for example.

Encourage UGC content

When working with influencers or connecting with followers, it’s imperative to encourage user generated content to boost customer engagement levels with your brand. Make sure to regularly invite followers to share images of themselves wearing your clothing and illicit style guides and reviews that can build trust and credibility in your brand. Influencers could be asked to share video tutorials on how to style pieces from your latest collections whilst real customers could submit street style photos from their weekends to show how the style their looks day to day. Having this additional content from followers and influencers provides a more non-biased and objective perception of your brand that airbrushed advertising campaigns simply doesn’t offer.