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12 May, 2017


Fashion Book is much more than just a fashion wholesaler, we provide services and advice for boutiques and online retailers who want to launch and grow their business successfully. In the past we have written about how aspiring fashion entrepreneurs can launch their own brand within a week with our innovative re-labelling service and provided practical guidance on growing an ecommerce store. For brands that are always looking for ways to reach new customers and engage with current ones, take a look at these handy tips from the leading experts in ecommerce to ensure consistent growth.

     Educate Your Customers


Email marketing is an important marketing strategy for all ecommerce stores who want to effectively communicate with customers and increase conversion rates. Premium email marketing software Klaviyo suggest there are six email programs brands should be sending to customers. These typically range from standard welcome emails and newsletters to basket abandonment emails and post purchase messages requesting product reviews. To ensure customers are actually opening emails, make sure all communications is segmented and personalised; organise customers into email lists based on gender, average spend or website visits and you can even send them bespoke birthday promotional mailers and address them by their first name. There are plenty of tools on the market to help with this, the leading one being Mailchimp who have recently launched marketing automation to help brands improve engagement with customers.


According to industry statistics, ecommerce stores can increase conversion rates significantly by adding and enabling product reviews. It’s proven that customers are much more likely to purchase a product that has been reviewed as it provides social proof from real life customers who are offering their honest and unbiased opinion of a product. These reviews act as testimonials that motivate a customer to consider purchasing and help to remove any initial doubt they may have had about the product. Additionally ecommerce giants like Amazon who excel at providing millions of customer reviews encourage customers to provide a warts and all overview of a product through written and visual reviews to give others a first-hand insight into the inner workings of a product. Figures also indicate that a balanced mix of both positive and negative reviews actually helps to build and instil confidence in your brand as customers expect objective advice when making a purchase and solely positive reviews can look suspicious and could even damage customer trust. If you are an online retailer using Shopify for example, there are numerous review apps you can install on your store, the leading ones being Yotpo and Feefo who both stress the use of reviews and ratings to engage customers and increase sales.


All ecommerce brands understand the importance of social media as one of the best ways to engage with customers in real time, particularly if they have queries about your products. Channels like Twitter are fantastic for providing fast and effective customer service and helps brands build a real and human relationship with customers. Twitter is also a great place for engaging in conversations about your brand and industry especially in relation to current trends and events like Fashion Week or a high profile celebrity event. Instagram and Snapchat are also leading the way in offering customers a behind the scenes glimpse into your brand whether that’s a star studded fashion show or a glossy product photo shoot. To really speak to customers on a personal level however, brands should consider using video platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video for a more personalised brand experience in real time. Beauty brand Benefit uses Facebook Live to host their web series Tipsy Tricks, where they do make up tutorials using products customers suggest in the comments. They also encourage customers to submit ideas for future topics which is a great way of involving customers with your brand and ultimately fostering a long term relationship.